the senate select committee on indian affairs

the bureau of indian affairs

indian agents and indian educators

have conspired to conceal

national scandals

in indian Education for 30 years

the scandals include the closing of 64 bia indian schools, corruption at haskell indian nations university, and the

Phoenix Indian school legislative real estate scam

“1980 Jack Anderson Washington Post investigative article on Gerald Gipp inspires the Bureau of Indian Affairs to recruit the “Washington Redskin” contemporary Indian Agent to systematically sabotage

Haskell Indian Nations University”




On September 23, 2010, the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians colluded with Patricia Whitefoot, who was appointed by President Obama to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education to obstruct James Mountain Chief Sanderville’s Independent Investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder into a national scandal at Haskell Indian Nations University

Indian Leaders secretly negotiating the future of

Haskell Indian Nations University, and BIA Indian Schools!

Gerald Gipp, the “Washington Redskins” contemporary Indian Agent, secretly negotiating with Linda Warner, former president of Haskell, and Patricia Whitefoot, National Advisory Council on Indian Education, John Echohawk, Native American Rights Fund the National Congress of American Indians, and the National Indian Education Association. The Indian Agents have a secret agenda to take Haskell Indian Nations University, and other BIA Indian Schools, out from under the federal government’s “Trust Responsibility.”

On August 16, 1980, Jack Anderson, investigative reporter of the Washington Post, exposed wrongdoing by Dr. Gerald E. Gipp, Standing Rock Sioux and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indian Education in the Department of Education.

“Recently a number of government inspectors, congressional investigators and Indian leaders told my associate Jack Mitchell they agree that OIE is a frustrating shambles of contract abuse and bureaucratic harassment.” Jack Anderson, 1980

Shortly after this the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington DC appointed Gerald Gipp president of Haskell Indian Jr. College. As president of Haskell, Gipp conspired with Senator Bob Dole, Senator Nancy Kassebaum, and Congressman Jim Slattery to close the most prominent American Indian College by way of a legislative real estate scam-- Senate Bill 214 and Slattery Bill 4004.

As the 1982 Haskell Student Senate president. James Mountain Chief Sanderville was informed that Gerald Gipp closed the Nursing program midway through the semester. Gipp attempted to close the Electronics & Computer Logic program that Sanderville was enrolled in. In its arrogance, the Gipp Administration closed a total of 8 vocational-technical programs without informing Haskell students or tribal governments.  A 1987 Inspector General’s report questioned the unilateral closing of these vocational-technical programs.

Gerald Gipp’s actions violated federal law because Indian Education is a Treaty Right. Closing the vocational-technical programs was a violation of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 25 Indians Part 32: Indian Education Policies.

In 1984, the National Indian Education Association named Gerald Gipp Indian Educator of the Year. A better title for Gipp would have been Washington Redskin, Contemporary Indian Agent for the Federal Government. Tribal leaders who knew about Gipp’s unethical and illegal practices at Haskell never questioned his award from NIEA or publicly denounced his closing of the vocational-technical programs.

In December 1984, Sanderville blew the whistle on Gerald Gipp’s illegal closing of the vocational-technical programs at Haskell, and his documentation went on file with the Department of the Interior, Office of the Inspector General.

At the 1985 Haskell Centennial Graduation ceremony, James Mountain Chief Sanderville attempted to provide documentation of Gipp’s wrongdoing to John Fritz, acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Gerald Gipp learned of Sanderville’s plans. As Sanderville handed Fritz documentation on the Haskell Scandal, BIA police officers grabbed Sanderville, slammed him to the stage, locked one handcuff to his wrist, and pulled on the handcuff. The BIA Police dragged him into a hallway, and beat and jerked with the free handcuff while Gipp and hundreds of Native Americans listened to James Mountain Chief Sanderville’s pleas for help.  

Since these events of the 1980‘s, Gipp has continued to make a career as an Indian educator. Despite a history of  harming Indian education as documented here, Gipp has risen to interim executive director of the National Indian Education Association.


Indian Leaders cover-up an

independent investigation of the

Bureau of Indian Affairs

“When I was a boy, very few members of my tribe could read or write. But now all our young people are in school. They learn a lot about the Pilgrims, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. That’s fine. But they learn nothing about the history of their own people and their great chiefs. That is American history too.”

A quote by Richard Chief Bull Sanderville, Blackfeet, on the need for providing young members of his tribe a written history of their people. (American Indian Intellectuals,

John Ewers 1958:ix)

Richard Chief Bull & Annie Many Spotted Horses Sanderville

“If employed in the Indian Service of the Government, the person will carry with him the atmosphere of that service, be he from any race. Anyone who conscientiously and unselfishly starts in the Indian Service to sacrifice his ambition in behalf of the Indian in time will fall into the rut, get tired, disgusted, and lose interest, and finally see no use, and he will fall into the level of his surroundings and stick to his job. He has lost sight of the grand object that he had at first, but he sticks to his job.

Just so with the Indian employees in the Indian Service; their personality is destroyed. To keep their positions, to be in the swim, they must not express themselves: they have nothing to say. They stick to the Indian Service and hate to lose their jobs.

Indian employees in the Indian Service are working against the freedom of their race.

Truth hurts, but is never wrong, and in the long run it conquers. The Indian Bureau is the only obstacle that stands in the way that hinders our people’s freedom. It seems so strange, so incredible, and so unheard of that we Indians must fight and kill the very organ that was organized to free us in order to free ourselves.”

Carlos Montezuma (Apache) argument on the September 30, 1915 address at the conference of the Society of American Indian in Lawrence, Kansas home of the Fighting Indians Haskell Institute, which is presently

Haskell Indian Nations University


It is a pity that so many Americans today think of the Indian as a romantic or comic figure in American history without contemporary significance. In fact, the Indian plays much the same role in our American society that the Jews played in Germany. Like the miner’s canary,, the Indian marks the shifts from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere; and our treatment of Indians, even more than our treatment of other minorities, reflects the rise and fall in our democratic faith.”

Felix Cohen, founding father of American Indian Law,

Yale Law Journal, February 1953


Indian Agents cover-up 30 years of corruption for “The Washington Redskin contemporary Indian Agent,” Gerald “The Gipper” Gipp, former president of Haskell Indian Nations University

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